Early Alert and Tutoring

Student Early Alert System (SEAS)

WSU cares about student success. For this reason, WSU has implemented an academic early alert system. Under this system, called SEAS, instructors provide feedback to students who appear to be struggling and offer any assistance that may be needed to help get them back on track academically. Students who are contacted by their instructors through SEAS are encouraged to take full advantage of the help offered.

Supplemental Instruction

SI is a proven program that helps students better understand course content and therefore improve their grades. Selected traditionally difficult courses are assigned a peer leader who leads weekly, free, drop-in study sessions. SI works. Students who attend SI typically earn higher grades than those who do not. The online schedule of courses identifies which sections have SI attached to them.


Many departments on campus offer tutoring services that can help students master course material and earn better grades. The Office of Student Success hosts a tutoring clearinghouse1, where students can find a list of available academic helping resources. When no such resources already exist, students can request a tutor by logging into myWSU1 and going to their Home tab. They will then click the 'Request a Tutor' link under student tools. Students interested in being paid to be tutors can also apply online.1


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