BFA in Dance

Dance BFA majors must have a minimum entrance proficiency of level two in all technique disciplines, and must complete two semesters of level three technique in modern dance, ballet and jazz, and two semesters of level four technique in one discipline. A minimum of 51 credit hours is required in technique with at least 15 credit hours in modern dance, ballet and jazz. Technique classes are repeatable for credit. Dance BFA majors are encouraged to take concurrent technique classes in at least two disciplines each semester they are enrolled.

All BFA dance majors are required to audition for Wichita Contemporary Dance Theatre and dance program productions each semester. Approval for dance BFA majors to perform in off-campus productions, which may conflict with dance program or Wichita Contemporary Dance Theatre events, is made on a case-by-case basis. While students are encouraged to work professionally as part of their training, it should not be done at the regular expense of student involvement in dance program/Wichita Contemporary Dance Theatre productions. Students accepted in Wichita Contemporary Dance Theatre may register for DANC 320, during the junior and senior years, in consultation with their academic advisors.

As part of the required Senior Project (DANC 580) capstone course, all BFA majors present works on a senior dance concert to include choreography and performances by the student, determined in consultation with their major advisor and the director of dance. Students are also required to submit a paper, which includes a written analysis and description of the theoretical framework and compositional development, an analysis of the production, and conclusions. These materials are submitted to the major advisor for approval. Following approval by the major advisor, students are scheduled for an oral defense of their work before the dance major faculty.

For all dance BFA and BA majors and dance minors, advancement in technique is not automatic and is possible only with faculty consent and approval. Students will be placed at the technical level the dance faculty deem appropriate for individual growth and development. Students with a developed skill in one dance technique should not expect that ability to translate into the same level of skill in other dance techniques. The dance faculty works with each student to create the best fit between student goals and interests and faculty appraisal of each student’s needs for true artistic development. The faculty seeks to produce graduates who will be competitive in the professional arena.

General requirements:

  • total credit hours for graduation 124 minimum, overall GPA 2.000 (2.500 in major);
  • must complete 42 credit hours of general education;
  • must have 45 credit hours of upper-division credits.

Requirements: 82 credit hours minimum, including:

Core Curriculum courses
THEA 243Acting I3
Movement class (stage movement, dance, mime/physical theatre)3
Technical theatre class (costuming, stagecraft, lighting)3
Dance Technique
Minimum entrance proficiency must be at level two in all dance disciplines. Classes may be repeated for credit.
Select 15 credit hours in Modern dance technique from the following (3 credit hours counted as core): 115
Modern Dance Technique 1
Modern Dance 2
Modern Dance 3
Select 15 credit hours in Jazz Technique from the following: 115
Jazz 1
Jazz 2
Jazz Dance 3
Select 15 credit hours of Ballet Technique from the following: 115
Ballet 1
Ballet 2
Ballet 3
Select 6 credit hours in Level 4 Technique from the following (choose one discipline as focus): 16
Modern Dance 4
Ballet 4
Jazz Dance 4
Dance Academics/Theory/Choreography
Select 23 credit hours from the following:23
Performing Arts Seminar
Dance History: Ancient Civilization to Early 1900s
Choreography 1: Improvisation
Dance History: 20th and 21st Centuries
Choreography II
Dance Kinesiology
Choreography 3
Methods of Teaching Dance
Senior Project
DANC 320Dance Performance (course may be repeated)2
Recommended Electives
The Art of the Theater
Stage Movement
Costuming for the Stage and Film
Stage Makeup
Stage Lighting
Tap 1
Tap 2
Mime/Physical Theatre 1
Musical Theatre Dance 1
Music For Dance
Musical Theatre Dance 2
Total Credit Hours85

Placement and advancement by audition and/or faculty consent only.