Offers of Admission and Deferral

Admission to the Graduate School is valid for up to one year from the initial term of admission. The admission may be deferred one time within that year with the approval of the admitting program. The deferral request must be made prior to the end of the graduate student course add period, typically the 20th day of classes in the fall and spring semesters, and a deferral fee may be required. A program or the Graduate School may deny a deferral request or set additional requirements before approving a deferral. If the applicant is not enrolled after one year, or does not submit a deferral request by the required date, the admission will be withdrawn and a new application, application fee and supporting materials will be required. Previous admission into a program does not impact future admission consideration. A deferral approval only applies to the admission term and not other offers, such as assistantships, etc.