Changing Graduate Programs

Students who wish to change from one graduate program to a new graduate program must submit a new online application, application fee and any required departmental materials. Unlike at the undergraduate level, graduate students must be admitted to a new program; they cannot simply transfer between graduate programs.  

If admitted to a new graduate program, it is up to the new program to decide how much (if any) of the student's prior graduate coursework can be used in the new graduate program. All rules relative to time limits and other degree completion requirements apply. Rules relative to "Transfer of Credit" would only apply if the student also has work completed at an institution other than Wichita State. Work completed in a different graduate program at WSU would not be considered transfer credit. As usual, the student will need to declare the coursework they wish to use on the plan of study, which will be approved first by the department, then reviewed by the Graduate School for approval.