Geology is the comprehensive study of the solid earth, atmosphere, ocean, other planets and the fossil record of life. It also encompasses the study of the effects of human activities on the Earth’s environment and the availability and extraction of natural resources. Earth science is interdisciplinary, and the study of geology frequently employs tools, concepts and theories from mathematics and the other natural sciences, including chemistry, biology and physics. Geologists work to solve problems of local and global perspectives related to all Earth systems. The study of minerals, rocks and fossils continues to be an essential and exciting component of a geologist’s training.

Through the geology program at Wichita State, students may earn either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. The program also offers a minor in geology and courses designed to fulfill general education requirements in the natural sciences.

Candidates for either the BA or BS degree are required to contribute examples of their coursework and other scholarly achievements to the department’s assessment program. Students also are required to take at least one integrating capstone course, preferable during their senior year. Capstone courses are identified below.

The department of geology also offers graduate degree work at the Master of Science level in the earth, environmental and physical sciences (EEPS) degree program. This program offers students advanced training in methodology, critical and creative thinking in scientific research, and advanced knowledge and skills in geology, environmental science or physics. For more information about this graduate program, see the Graduate Catalog.

Through the generosity of its alumni and industry supporters, the geology department proudly awards more than $20,000 annually in scholarships and awards to qualified undergraduate majors and graduate students. Contact the geology department office for a complete listing of scholarship amounts, qualifications and application procedures.

Active student associations for geology majors and other students interested in geology include the Geology Club, the student chapter of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), and Sigma Gamma Epsilon (SGE), the national geology honorary society. These clubs cosponsor such extra-curricular activities as field trips, visiting lecturers, short courses, attendance at academic conferences and social gatherings.

Majors in Geology

Minors in Geology