Certificate in Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a robust and rapidly growing technology that allows users to “capture, store, manipulate, analyze and display all types of spatially referenced geographic information about what is where on the earth's surface and how they relate to each other” (ESRI 2002). It has wide-ranging applications across disciplines and is used by professionals in such disparate careers as epidemiology, public and private utilities, journalism, and rural land management. Graduates of WSU anticipating working in the field sciences, whether anthropology, biology, criminal justice, history, geography, geology, linguistics or urban planning (among others), will need a foundation in geospatial science – just as all now are expected to have working knowledge in the basics of using a word processor, spreadsheets and email. Beyond the field sciences, GIS is a high-demand skill in countless career paths. Knowledge of GIS will give students in any field a strategic edge in the job market.