MGMT - Management

Courses numbered 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate. (Individual courses may be limited to undergraduate students only.) Courses numbered 800 to 999 = graduate.

MGMT 662.  Managing in Diverse Organizations   (3).

Modern organizations face the challenge of managing employees with diverse backgrounds and talents to provide products and services to diverse customers. Course examines workforce diversity from the perspective of maximizing its benefits to group and organizational effectiveness, including developing skills to facilitate the constructive resolution of conflict, encouraging cooperation and teamwork, and enhancing identification with the work unit. Course includes diversity content. Prerequisites: MGMT 360, junior standing, advanced standing.

MGMT 680.  Making Effective Decisions   (3).

Studies the theories of decision making with attention to the factors of rational decision making and application of quantitative methods, cognitive and motivational influences, intuition, political influences, ethics, and the process of negotiation and decision making in groups along with decision implementation and learning from past decisions. Prerequisites: MGMT 360, junior standing, advanced standing.

MGMT 681.  Strategic Management   (3).

An analysis of business problems from a strategic management perspective. A capstone course which integrates the functional areas of business, including management, marketing, finance, accounting and production. Discusses both domestic and international policy issues, large and small firms, and various sources of competitive advantage. Prerequisites: DS 350, FIN 340, MKT 300, MGMT 360, senior standing, advanced standing.

MGMT 690.  Seminar in Selected Topics   (1-5).

Repeatable for credit with departmental consent. Prerequisites: junior standing, advanced standing.

MGMT 750.  Workshop in Management   (1-4).

Prerequisite: junior standing.

MGMT 803.  Business Decision Making and Analysis   (3).

A study of business decision making and problem solving methodologies including problem definition, research design, data gathering techniques, analytical techniques, reporting strategies and communication issues. Prerequisites: ECON 231 or equivalent, MBA 801 or equivalent.

MGMT 862.  Organizational Behavior   (3).

The study of individual and group behavior as it impacts organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. Applies concepts such as motivation, personality, job attitudes, interpersonal relations, teams, organizational culture and leadership/influence to organizational settings, emphasizing integration and application of concepts. Prerequisite: MBA 801 or equivalent.

MGMT 885.  Advanced Strategic Management   (3).

An analysis of business problems from a strategic perspective. Builds on prior coursework to focus on a firm's ability to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. Firms studied represent a broad range of manufacturing and service, global and domestic, entrepreneurial and mature issues. Prerequisite: to be taken during last semester of student's program, or departmental consent.

MGMT 885G.  Global Strategic Management   (3).

This course draws from the knowledge base that students accumulate in their accounting, economics, finance, management, operations, IT, and marketing classes. Knowledge from all the business disciplines and students' "real world" experiences are integrated in the course. The course emphasizes strategy formulation and implementation. The perspective taken is that of an organization’s general manager. The general manager may be a corporate CEO, a divisional chief executive, the head of an operating unit, or an owner/manager of a small business. This focus will be beneficial to both those that will function as general managers, and those that are and will be functional specialists. Any organizational position requires successful coordination and integration of activities and decisions to achieve organizational goals. Therefore, a thorough understanding of strategic issues allows functional managers to perform their tasks better.

MGMT 890.  Seminar Special Topics   (1-3).

Repeatable for credit with departmental consent.

MGMT 891.  Directed Studies   (1-5).

Prerequisite: departmental consent.