The department of biological sciences offers a broad and flexible curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Arts (BA), the Bachelor of Science (BS) and the field major in biochemistry (BS). Students interested in an interdisciplinary program with a biological focus are encouraged to consider the Fairmount College field major (BA) or the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) programs. All students who intend to pursue one of the programs within the department of biological sciences should contact the department as early in their educational career as possible for assignment to a faculty academic advisor.

Candidates for all degrees are required to take the Field Achievement Test in Biology during the senior year and contribute examples of their coursework to the department’s assessment program. All candidates must maintain a grade point average of 2.000 in all biological sciences coursework.

Nonmajor Courses

The department of biological sciences offers courses designed primarily to meet the needs of students in other departments. These are listed below as nonmajor courses. These courses, or their equivalents at other institutions, cannot be used to satisfy the biological sciences coursework requirements for the major or the minor.

Course Title Hours
These nonmajor courses may not be used to satisfy the requirements for a biological sciences major
The Human Organism
The Human Organism Laboratory
Introduction to Microbiology
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Human Reproduction
Introductory Environmental Science
Biology of Aging

Minors in Biological Sciences

Certificates in Biological Sciences

Courses in Biological Sciences