Certificate in Professional Studies in Music Performance

The professional studies in music performance certificate is a special one-year, graduate level, nondegree course of study that addresses the needs of individuals preparing for performance careers. In this program, ongoing development of technique and musicianship is accomplished in a nondegree context, with emphasis placed on private lessons, practice, ensemble participation, and preparation for professional auditions or competitions.

Candidates may pursue study in the following performance areas:

  • Chamber Music;
  • Conducting;
  • Keyboard;
  • Jazz;
  • Strings;
  • Voice/Opera; or
  • Wind/Percussion.

The program's objective is for students to focus on their primary area of study in order to obtain professional employment. The program often follows completion of a master's degree, but can be taken following the completion of an undergraduate degree. In order to achieve the objective, an individual curriculum is designed by the advisor in collaboration with the student to meet the student's specific needs.


Application procedures, audition repertoire, admission examinations, and admission requirements are the same as for all other graduate programs. Applicants must be admitted to the Graduate School, and have a GPA of no less than 3.000.

Program Requirements

In addition to these requirements, students must meet the Graduate School’s requirements in order to earn this certificate.

Course Title Hours
Required Courses Fall Semester9
Applied Lessons
Independent Study
Guided Electives 1
Required Courses Spring Semester9
Applied Lessons
Independent Study
Guided Electives 1
Total Credit Hours18

Guided electives are music or nonmusic courses 500-level or above with advisor's approval.