BBA - Entrepreneurship Emphasis in Real Estate

Program Requirements

A minimum total of 120 credit hours is required for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in entrepreneurship emphasis in real estate. In addition to meeting the requirements of the WSU General Education Program and the requirements for all BBA programs set by the W. Frank Barton School of Business, candidates for the BBA in entrepreneurship emphasis in real estate must satisfy the following requirements of the curricular major:

All majors must contain at least 12 unduplicated credit hours. All minors must contain at least 3 unduplicated credit hours.

Course Title Hours
General Education
Select courses to meet General Education requirements 134-35
College Requirements 2
Bachelor of Business Administration Core Requirements27
Advanced Standing Requirements23-25
Entrepreneurship Emphasis in Real Estate Major
ENTR 440New Venture Feasibility Analysis3
ENTR 453Digital Entrepreneurship3
or ENTR 460 Corporate Entrepreneurship: Initiating and Sustaining Innovation
ENTR 455Entrepreneurial Finance3
ENTR 668New Venture Development3
RE 310Principles of Real Estate3
RE 619Urban Land Development3
Major Electives
Select 6 credit hours of upper-division (300 or above) real estate courses 36
Open Electives
Select enough electives to reach 120 credit hours9-12
Total Credit Hours120

Required major courses may also count towards General Education requirements. Students will need to select additional electives to reach 120 credit hours required for graduation with assistance from an advisor.


See the Bachelor of Business Administration page of the catalog for a full explanation of these college requirements.


RE 481/ RE 481N may not be used to satisfy the elective component of this degree.

Applied Learning

Students in the BBA - entrepreneurship emphasis in real estate program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by taking ENTR 668 New Venture Development.

This course is taught in combination with one or more engineering senior design capstone course(s). As part of this course, entrepreneurship students are placed on a team with engineering students and are required to co-create a new product idea and business venture. Each multidisciplinary student team must interview at least 50 potential customers and/or industry experts to test the product idea, create an original business model and plan, and participate in the Shocker New Venture Competition.