BS in Biological Sciences with Ecological/Environmental/Organismal Emphasis

A major in biological sciences leading to the BS with an ecological/environmental/organismal emphasis requires 50 credit hours of biological sciences coursework.

Course Title Hours
BIOL 210General Biology I4
BIOL 211General Biology II4
BIOL 418General Ecology4
BIOL 419Genetics4
BIOL 420Molecular Cell Biology4
BIOL 497Biology Colloquium1-2
or BIOL 499 Undergraduate Research
Select one of the following:3-5
General Microbiology
Vascular Plants
Field Botany
Freshwater Invertebrates
Vertebrate Zoology
Select 15 additional elective credit hours from approved EEO electives.15
Select additional approved major level biology electives. 18-11
Total Credit Hours50
Course Title Hours
Additional Science Requiremetns for Biological Sciences (BS-Ecological/Environmental/Organismal Emphasis)
CHEM 211General Chemistry I5
CHEM 212General Chemistry II5
CHEM 531Organic Chemistry I5
PHYS 213General College Physics I5
Total Credit Hours20