Certificate in Film Studies

The certificate in film studies requires 12 credit hours in film-oriented courses from any department, discipline or college that offers such courses. The certificate is offered both for those students seeking employment in some aspect of film, film making or film criticism, and for those wishing to improve their understanding of film or the influence of film on a discipline or on a culture. The film studies certificate can prove useful to students majoring in language, literature, broadcast journalism, speech and fine arts; it also can appeal to those in fields where some knowledge of mass communication as a cultural phenomenon is desirable or where film has influenced the view of that field, including sociology, history, anthropology, political science, psychology, criminal justice, education and administration. The certificate offers opportunities to study film as an art form and to gain experience in media production.

The film studies certificate consists of 12 credit hours from the courses listed below, selected with the approval of the coordinator of film studies. Other courses having film content may be substituted for the listed courses, with the approval of the coordinator as well. Courses (with different content) that can be repeated within their discipline can also be repeated for the film studies certificate. Courses approved for the film studies certificate include:

Course Title Hours
ANTH 397CAmerican Culture In Film3
ANTH 397ADVisual Anthropology3
ANTH 597ADVisual Anthropology3
COMM 304Studio Video Production3
COMM 305Visual Technologies3
COMM 306Introduction to Multimedia3
COMM 321Introduction to Film Studies3
COMM 406Audio Production3
COMM 512Principles of Video Production3
COMM 604Video Storytelling3
COMM 622Studio B: Live Television News3
COMM 660AKFilm Production3
CJ 518Criminal Justice and Crime in Film3
ENGL 307Narrative in Literature and Film3
ENGL 508Critical Studies in Film3
FREN 520Novel and Film3
HIST 318The Holocaust in Film3
HIST 399CWorld War II In Film3
HIST 399QCivil War in Film3
PHIL 590TJapanese Philosophy & Film3
POLS 390EFilm/Great Trials3
SPAN 520Literature in Film3
THEA 228Script Analysis3
THEA 253Costuming for the Stage and Film3
THEA 390Acting for the Camera3
WOMS 382Feminism and Girl Culture3
WOMS 510Hollywood Melodrama: The Woman's Film3
WOMS 523Feminist Film Criticism3
WOMS 580ZDangerous Women in Film3
WSUA 102EFirst-Year Seminar: World Cultures in Popular Media3