BAA in Media Arts - Concentration in Audio Production

Program Requirements

Bachelor of Applied Arts in media arts - concentration in audio production consists of 120 credit hours. In addition to the university scholastic, residence and general education requirements, students must take the following required courses (some required courses may also fulfill general education requirements): 21 credit hours in common core courses and 54 credit hours in a discipline specific track. BAA majors are required to earn a minimum grade of C in each course designated as a C-required course.

Course Title Hours
Media Arts Core Courses
MART 101Introduction to Media Arts3
MART 102Introduction to Media Aesthetics and Analysis3
COMM 306Introduction to Multimedia3
COMM 406Audio Production3
MART 391Professional Practices in Media Arts - Portfolio1
MART 392Professional Practices in Media Arts - Business Development1
MART 393Professional Practices in Media Arts - Legal Issues1
MART 299Media Arts Practicum I1
MART 399BMedia Arts Practicum II - Audio Production2
MART 499BMedia Arts Practicum III - Audio Production3
Total Credit Hours21
Course Title Hours
Audio Production Concentration Requirements
MUSC 140Music Theory for Commercial Musicians I2
or MUSC 127 Theory I
MUSC 142Music Theory for Commercial Musicians II2
or MUSC 128 Theory II
MUSC 240Jazz Music Theory 32
MUSC 242Jazz Music Theory 42
MUSC 141Aural Skills for Commercial Musicians I2
or MUSC 129 Aural Skills I
MUSC 143Aural Skills for Commercial Musicians II2
or MUSC 130 Aural Skills II
MUSC 241Jazz Aural Skills 32
MUSC 243Jazz Aural Skills 42
EnsembleSelect four enrollments of 1 credit hour each.4
Applied MusicMUSA 231_, MUSA 232_ or MUSA 252_. Select one of the lettered courses for four enrollments of 1 credit hour each.4
MART 110Introduction to Music Technology and Industry2
MART 111Intro to Music Business2
MUSC 113Music in Context3
MUSC 531Introduction to Electronic Music2
MUSC 641Orchestration2
MART 540Advanced Editing and Mastering3
MART 570Electronic Music Production2
MART 571Live Sound Design3
COMM 506Sound for Picture3
MART 575Seminar in Music Technology3
PHYS 210Physics of Sound3
MART 481NInternship1
With the assistance of an advisor, select sufficient general education and elective courses to meet the required 120 credit hours. These electives could include a minor.
Total Credit Hours53

Applied Learning

Students in the BAA in media arts – concentration in audio production are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by completing MART 299, MART 399B and MART 499B.