FA - Fine Arts

Courses numbered 100 to 299 = lower-division; 300 to 499 = upper-division; 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate.

FA 110.  Introduction to the Fine Arts   (3).

General education fine arts introductory course. Team taught introduction to significant developments in the fine arts, with an emphasis on culture, history, politics, technology, identity and globalization.

FA 150.  Workshop   (1).

Intensive study of topics related to fine arts. Differing topics are denoted by a letter following the course number (i.e., 150C, 150P, etc.).

FA 301.  An Introduction to Entrepreneurship in the Arts   (3).

General education humanities and fine arts advanced further study course. Helps students focus on business and marketing aspects of the arts. Examines from the artist's perspective techniques for launching a career in the arts. Gives attention to elementary concepts of marketing artistic talents, goal setting, financing, legal issues and public demographics.

FA 310.  Arts & Technology   (3).

General education humanities and fine arts advanced further study course. Multimedia, high-technology, fast-paced presentations describing each of the art disciplines (music, theatre, movies, dance, visual arts) in relation to new technologies. Approaches each discipline from the perspective of performance, pedagogy and history with presentations on computer (hardware and software), synthesizer, audio and video recordings, and CD-ROM. Presents ideas and information on how technology has affected the arts and how the arts have actually affected technology.

FA 321.  Avant-Garde Art, Film, Rock Music and Subcultures   (3).

General education humanities and fine arts advanced issues and perspectives course. Exploration of 20th century avant-garde art and film movements and their influence on late 20th century popular music, visual culture, and countercultures and subcultures such as mod, glam, punk, hacker, goth, rave and others. Required attendance at art exhibitions, film screenings, lectures.

FA 481.  Cooperative Education   (1-2).

Field placement which integrates coursework with a planned and supervised professional experience designed to complement and enhance the student's academic program. Repeatable for credit. Prerequisite: satisfactory academic standing prior to the first job assignment.

FA 481N.  Internship   (1-2).

Complements and enhances the student's academic program by providing an opportunity to apply and acquire knowledge in a workplace environment as an intern. Prerequisite: departmental consent.

FA 590.  Special Topics in the Fine Arts   (1-4).

For group instruction. Repeatable for credit. Involves interdisciplinary upper-division/graduate-level topics with the fine arts (music, art, dance and theatre). Prerequisite: senior undergraduate or graduate standing or instructor's consent.

FA 710.  Seminar in Creativity and Innovation   (1-3).

As one of four core courses in the Master of Innovation Design, the purpose of this seminar is to help the student better understand and appreciate the subject of creativity. To that end, this course focuses on developing new ways of thinking which are different from those typically learned in single discipline design programs. The seminar provides many opportunities to apply these new ways of thinking through class exercises, possible course projects, and conversations with a wide array of guests who have prospered through incorporating creativity/innovation into what they do professionally. Students learn techniques for improving the flexibility and originality of their thinking and explore approaches used by others to create and sustain high levels of innovation. Topics include: personal thinking preferences, everyday creativity and eliminating mental blocks, creative thinking techniques, idea selection approaches, teaming techniques for creativity, conditions that promote creativity, design for interaction, disruptive technologies, and intellectual property. Seminar uses fun and hands-on activities to stimulate innovation. Repeatable for credit.

FA 750.  Workshop   (1-4).

Intensive study of topics related to fine arts. Differing topics are denoted by a letter following the course number (i.e., 750C, 750U, etc.).