The department of modern and classical languages and literatures works to instill in students an awareness and appreciation of other languages and cultures. The department grants the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in American Sign Language and modern and classical languages and literatures. Students can specialize in French, Latin or Spanish. Minors are also available in French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Russian and Spanish. Courses are also offered in Arabic, Chinese and Italian. The department also offers the Master of Arts (MA) in Spanish.

A wide range of courses in language, literature, civilization, translation and linguistics is offered on campus as well as in summer programs in Puebla, Mexico; Strasbourg and Orléans, France (Wichita’s sister city).

See Exchange and Study Abroad programs for more details.

Graduate students in Spanish interested in applying for teaching assistantships should consult with the graduate coordinator.


Various scholarships are available for study in French, German, Latin and Spanish, including Puebla, Mexico; and Strasbourg and Orléans, France.

Retroactive Credit Policy

WSU students may qualify for credit for previous world language experience. Language learning in courses prior to entering college, including high school language experience, can be validated by earning a grade of 2.000 or better in a WSU language course or courses beyond the first course in that language. For placement purposes, it is assumed that one year of high school language is equivalent to one semester of college-level language. The credit earned by validation of previous experience is called retroactive credit.

Retroactive credit hours are considered to be credit by examination and are posted on the student’s transcript with a grade of TCrE (credit by examination). Students pay for retroactive credit on a course-by-course basis.

Undergraduate students can apply for and earn a maximum of 16 credit hours of retroactive credit. Retroactive credit is not available for graduate students.

Students qualify for retroactive credit by completing the required validation course or courses, showing that a grade of 2.000 or better has been earned and posted to the student’s transcript for each required course, and completing the application process to claim the credit. Credit can be claimed at any time before graduation, allowing a reasonable time for processing.

A validation course is more advanced than the first course in that language. Validation courses are specified for each language and each level of retroactive credit. They must be taken at WSU. If a student fails to earn a grade of 2.000 in a required validation course, the student may retake the class and apply for retroactive credit once the grade of 2.000 or better is achieved and posted on the transcript.

International students for whom English is a second language cannot earn retroactive credit in their native language.

Credit earned at other college-level institutions, including community colleges, already appears on the student’s transcript and is therefore not eligible for retroactive credit.

Retroactive credit earned at WSU is not automatically transferable to other institutions. If planning to transfer to another school, consult with the institution regarding its retroactive credit transfer policies.

Applications, validation course listings and further information are all available at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Advising Center, 115 Grace Wilkie Hall, and in the MCLL office, or on the LAS Advising Center website1 under the retroactive credit category.

Participation in this program is by application to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Advising Center, which retains authority for final approval.

Questions about retroactive credit should be referred to an academic advisor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Advising Center in 115 Grace Wilkie Hall.


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Certificates in Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures