BS in Geology

The BS degree program, providing comprehensive training in geology and allied natural sciences, prepares graduates for professional work in industry or government, as well as for graduate study in any field of geoscience or environmental sciences. This program prepares students for the examination for the professional geologist license. Students who expect to earn the BS in geology within a minimum amount of time (four years as a full-time student) should have completed geometry, trigonometry, two years of algebra, and chemistry in high school.

Program Requirements

A major with the BS requires a minimum of 45 credit hours in geology, including:

Required Core Courses
GEOL 111General Geology4
GEOL 312Historical Geology4
GEOL 320Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy4
GEOL 324Petrology & Petrography3
GEOL 526Sedimentary Geology3
GEOL 540Field Map Methods3
GEOL 544Structural Geology3
GEOL 552Physical Stratigraphy3
GEOL 570Biogeology3
Required Capstone Course
GEOL 640Field Geology6
Additional Courses
Select an additional 9 credit hours of upper-division geology electives chosen to match the student’s career interest and in consultation with an advisor from the geology department. An additional elective capstone course is:9
Required Supporting Sciences 1
MATH 242
MATH 243
Calculus I
and Calculus II
STAT 370Elementary Statistics3
CHEM 211
CHEM 212
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry II
Select one of the following combinations:8-10
General College Physics I
and General College Physics II
Physics for Scientists I
and Physics for Scientists II
Total Credit Hours76-78

Students interested in pursuing graduate degrees in environmental sciences should also consider taking BIOL 210 and BIOL 418. PC 105 is recommended for students with little experience with computers.