FYBI - First-Year Seminar BIOL

Courses numbered 100 to 299 = lower-division; 300 to 499 = upper-division; 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate.

FYBI 102A.  First-Year Seminar: Exploration of Evolution   (3).

General education math and natural sciences course. Introduces students to helpful resources within the university while surveying major topics in biology to reveal the basic information of life. Ever wonder why a person's eyes are blue and their siblings' eyes are brown, or why there are fewer fireflies each summer, or why vaccinations are important? This course explores basic cell functions, impact of DNA on patterns of inheritance and evolution, as well ecological challenges to preserving biodiversity and related topics important to life on Earth. Suitable for general education requirements, but cannot be used for credit toward the major or minor in biological sciences. First-Year Seminars apply as an additional requirement in the WSU General Education program; they cannot be applied as a divisional requirement.