Certificate in Graphic Narrative Coding and Accessibility

Students interested in an applied learning experience coding and translating comics for accessibility, digital humanities and other uses work in project-based cohorts to render published comics into fully accessible forms.

Program Requirements

The certificate requires 12 credit hours. Students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.000 for all courses comprising the certificate program and no grades below C are required for completion.

Course Title Hours
Required Courses
ENGL 377Graphic Novels3
or ENGL 576 Advanced Studies in the Graphic Novel
ID 405Seminar in Applied Innovation1-6
In consultation with program advisor, select sufficient courses to satisfy the 12 credit hour requirement. Elective courses may include the following
Individual Projects
Individual Projects
Introduction to English Linguistics
Theatre: Special Topics
Graphic Novels
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Principles of Translation and Interpreting
Total Credit Hours12


As part of the requirements for the certificate, students are administered diagnostic pre- and post-tests covering their understanding of accessibility, translation, visual grammar, coding and digital humanities. Students need not achieve a passing score in all areas, but it is expected that students completing the certificate will have achieved proficiency in at least three of five areas and will have shown improvement in most.

Continuation of the program is determined by an annual meeting of program faculty who review enrollments and diagnostic test scores.