Dual/Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Program in English

The dual/accelerated bachelor’s to master’s program in English is designed to prepare qualified students for graduate work in English at WSU through a coordinated program leading to both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. A student in the program will be allowed to enroll in courses for graduate credit while completing undergraduate degree requirements.


To be considered for admission to the program, the following must be satisfied:

  1. An undergraduate GPA of 3.000 overall and 3.500 in English courses;
  2. Completion of at least 60 credit hours of undergraduate study, with at least 18 credit hours remaining for completion of the undergraduate degree;
  3. Completion of four English classes at the 300 level or above; and
  4. Positive recommendation from at least one member of the English graduate faculty.

The student should apply for admission to the program during the semester prior to the first semester in which he or she intends to enroll in a course for graduate credit.

A student in the dual/accelerated program will be admitted to the MA program in English upon being awarded the bachelor’s degree if all admission requirements for the master’s program are satisfied at that time and the student has made continued satisfactory progress.

Program Requirements

Students admitted to the dual/accelerated program will be allowed to enroll in courses for graduate credit, including 800-level courses, prior to completing undergraduate degree requirements. At most 9 credit hours may be joint degree hours — hours taken for graduate credit at the 700 level (or above) that are also applied to both the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree program requirements. If this deviation is requested, joint-degree hours may not include workshop courses, undergraduate core curriculum courses, cooperative education courses, or courses that are prerequisite for the graduate program. A course taken for joint credit must be so identified at the time of enrollment in that course. Where courses specify differing requirements for graduate and undergraduate students (500–799), the student must meet the requirements for graduate students to apply the course to graduate credit. A student who has previously been admitted to a graduate degree program at Wichita State may not be admitted to the dual/accelerated program.

After initial admission, continuation in the program requires a continuing WSU undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.000 and a GPA of at least 3.000 in courses taken for graduate credit. ENGL 700 must be included in the undergraduate program of study for students in the dual/accelerated program. (Note: ENGL 700 is normally offered only during fall semester. Students will be expected to plan accordingly.) Dual/accelerated students should also complete the English MA language requirement before completing the undergraduate degree. In addition to completing the undergraduate degree requirements for their major emphasis (English literature, creative writing, English education), all dual/accelerated students, regardless of their major emphasis, should complete all four courses in the 360–363 sequence before completing the undergraduate degree.

Upon admission to the dual/accelerated program the student is granted tentative admission to the graduate program in English, pending award of the undergraduate degree. The student should draw up a tentative plan of study in consult with the undergraduate coordinator and/or the graduate coordinator. This plan will be reviewed periodically by the undergraduate coordinator and the graduate coordinator. The student’s progress in the program will be reviewed annually with a written progress report placed in the student’s departmental file.