Minor in Aging Studies

The undergraduate minor in aging studies consists of at least 15 credit hours of aging studies courses. Students are required to complete AGE 100, as the foundational course for the minor.

Courses for the Minor:

Course Title Hours
AGE 100Introduction to Aging Studies 13
Select at least 12 credit hours from among the following courses:12
Psychology of Aging
Sociology of Aging
Biology of Aging
Introduction to Public Health and Aging
Field Experience
Diversity and Aging
Women and Aging
Age, Work and Retirement
Dying, Death and Bereavement
Introduction to Sexuality and Aging
Caregiving and Aging
Selected Topics in Aging Studies
Administrator-in-Training Long-Term Care Practicum
Systems in Long-Term Care
Health Communications and Aging
Physical Dimensions of Aging
Total Credit Hours15

Please note: If planning to enter the aging studies master’s program, courses taken for undergraduate credit cannot be applied to or retaken for graduate credit. Please speak with an adviser and AGE faculty/staff when choosing classes.