BS in Mathematics - Computing Emphasis

For the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with emphasis in computing

Course Title Hours
Complete all courses in Group R 115
MATH 451Computational Mathematics Using MATLAB3
Select an additional higher level programming language course
CS 400Data Structures4
MATH 321Discrete Structures I3
MATH 322Discrete Structures II3
Select four of the following with at least three in computer science (CS):6-12
Mathematical Models
Optimization Theory
Numerical Linear Algebra
Statistical Computing I
Introduction to Digital Design
Assembly Language Programming
Programming Paradigms
Programming Language Concepts
Operating Systems
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Total Credit Hours34-40

All bachelor’s degrees in mathematics require a high-level algorithmic computer language. The MATLAB course, MATH 451, is strongly recommended.

For students who are contemplating graduate work, it is highly recommended that they include MATH 513, MATH 547 and MATH 640 in their program, along with courses in one or more of French, German or Russian.