REL - Religion

Although there is no graduate program in religion, the following courses may be taken for graduate credit.

Courses numbered 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate. (Individual courses may be limited to undergraduate students only.) Courses numbered 800 to 999 = graduate.

REL 542.  Religion in America   (3).

Cross-listed as HIST 542. Surveys various religious traditions in American history from Colonial times to the present. Discusses how religions, groups, beliefs and issues have changed over time and how they interact with each other. Includes the different branches of Christianity and Judaism, the study of awakenings and revivals, the stories of prominent religious thinkers and leaders, immigrant religious traditions, the tensions between liberal and traditional religious forms, the prophetic and apocalyptic traditions in American, and the impact of Native American, Asian and African beliefs and practices on the religious landscape.

REL 780.  Special Topics in Religion   (1-3).

Intensive study of topic(s) in religion. Discussion, reports and research projects. Repeatable for credit with departmental consent. Prerequisite(s): instructor's consent.

REL 790.  Independent Study   (1-3).

For the student who is capable of doing graduate work in a specialized area of the study of religion not formally offered by the department. Repeatable for credit. Prerequisite(s): departmental consent.