BA in Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures - French Specialization

Program Requirements

A minimum total of 120 credit hours is required for the BA in MCLL - French specialization. In addition to meeting the requirements of the WSU General Education Program and the requirements of Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, students must meet the following requirements:

A specialization in French consists of a minimum of 33 credit hours beyond FREN 204 or its equivalent, and must include the following courses:

Course Title Hours
General Education
Select courses to meet General Education requirements 134-35
College Requirements
Select courses to complete all LAS Competency Areas 136
Required Major Courses 2
MCLL 351Linguistics and World Languages3
FREN 223Intermediate French Readings I3
FREN 300Intermediate French Readings II3
FREN 324Intermediate Conversation and Composition3
FREN 526Advanced French Composition and Grammar3
FREN 551French Civilization: The Middle Ages to the Restoration3
or FREN 552 Contemporary French Civilization
Additional Major Courses
Select 15 additional credit hours from courses numbered above 500 315
Open Electives
Select enough electives to reach 120 credit hours16-17
Total Credit Hours120

Required major courses may also count towards General Education and/or LAS Competencies. Students will need to select additional electives to reach 120 credit hours required for graduation with assistance from an advisor.


Or equivalents.


No fewer than 9 credit hours must be literature. It is strongly recommended that students specializing in French take courses in related fields such as other world languages, art history, English, history and philosophy.

Native Speakers

Native speakers are those who have completed a substantial amount of their education in a French-speaking country. Native speakers of French normally are not permitted to receive credit for 100- or 200-level courses. To complete a specialization, the following are required:

Course Title Hours
FREN 300Intermediate French Readings II3
Select one of the following:3
Linguistics and World Languages
Advanced French Composition and Grammar
Introduction to Romance Linguistics
Select 12 credit hours of upper-division work in French12
Total Credit Hours18

Note: Native speakers are advised to consult with a French professor before enrolling in French courses. 

Student Teachers

Students who plan to teach French should consult with the department’s professor in charge of teacher education early in their college career. In addition to the requirements for specialization, it is recommended that future teachers take courses beyond the general education requirements in other world languages, history, art history, English or philosophy. It is also recommended that future French teachers spend at least a summer in a French-speaking country before student teaching.

Please contact the College of Applied Studies for current teacher education program requirements.

High School French

Students who have completed more than two units of high school French should consult with an advisor in the French department before enrolling in French courses.

Applied Learning

Students in MCLL/French specialization program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by successfully completing FREN 515C Major Topics: Commercial; FREN 515L Major Topics: Translation; or FREN 526 Advanced French Composition and Grammar, involving the application of language skills to business correspondence.