The study of philosophy is relevant to all aspects of life and living well, ranging from investigating various perspectives on the nature of reality, conditions of knowledge, and nuances of critical reasoning to the foundations of morality, justifications for political authority, and criteria for aesthetic evaluation. The WSU Department of Philosophy has particular strengths in several core philosophical specialties:

  • Ethics;
  • Pre-law;
  • Asian philosophy;
  • Logic, critical reasoning and epistemology; and
  • History and philosophy of science, engineering and technology.

In addition to philosophical foundations courses like metaphysics, we offer perspectives courses on topics such as the philosophy of feminism and philosophy of sex and love, as well as a range of applied philosophy courses for professionals, including engineering ethics, business ethics and bioethics.

Our philosophy department currently offers four concentrations in analytic reasoning, ethics, pre-law and world philosophy. Students can earn one or more concentrations by completing the general requirements for the major and the specific course requirements for each concentration. Some courses count towards multiple concentrations, e.g. Ancient Chinese Philosophy counts towards both world philosophy and ethics.

Minors in Philosophy