General Education Program

Well-Rounded Learning

Wichita State strives to offer the most complete college experience possible to produce well-rounded, successful Shocker graduates. Through general education courses, students explore subjects outside of their major, expanding their knowledge, perspective and skills and making a positive impact on their career and life.

Benefits of general education courses:

  • Improved critical thinking skills
  • Better communication, written and spoken
  • Increased analytical reasoning and problem solving
  • An acquired knowledge of natural and social science, the arts and humanities

Improve skills by taking courses that include diversity content, study abroad experiences, service learning and experience-based learning.

General Education Course Requirements

The 36-credit-hour general education program at WSU consists of the following kinds of courses.

Note: The BAA in media arts requires 30 credit hours of general education courses. See Additional Requirements section for details.

Foundation Courses

Complete four courses within the first 48 credit hours of enrollment with a grade of C- or better. Foundation courses cover the fundamental skills needed throughout college and should be taken at the very beginning of a student’s studies.

Divisional Courses

Complete one course from each of the following areas (at least 12 credit hours): fine arts, humanities, social/behavioral science, mathematics and natural sciences.

Fine Arts Humanities Social/Behavioral Sciences Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Subject Area Subject Area Subject Area Subject Area
Art History Communication2 Anthropology Anthropology
Dance English2 Criminal Justice Biological Sciences
Musicology/Composition History Economics Chemistry
Studio Arts Modern and Classical Languages Entrepreneurship Computer Science
Theatre Linguistics Ethnic Studies Geology
Philosophy Geography Mathematics/Statistics2
Religion Political Science Physics
Women's Studies Psychology Public Health
Social Work

Additional Courses

Complete four courses (at least 12 credit hours) from any approved general education course. Courses must come from at least two of the divisions. One course must be a first-year seminar, if required.

At least 9 credit hours of the 36-credit-hour general education coursework must be numbered 300 or above.

One course in the major can count toward general education.

For a full list of approved general education and foundation courses, visit the General Education Courses page of the catalog.


MATH 111 or any math course that requires MATH 111 or MATH 112 as a prerequisite. MATH 131 does not fulfill the prerequisite for any further math course. MATH 131 does not meet degree requirements in all colleges.


Excluding foundation courses.

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Our Advice? Go See an Advisor

The best way to stay on course toward graduation is to meet with an advisor each semester before registering for classes. Advisors will help in selecting and sequencing classes that meet particular degree requirements. To schedule a meeting, contact the advising office in the college of your major.

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