Chemistry/Business Field Major

Program Requirements

The Charles M. Buess program in chemistry/business is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in pharmaceutical or chemical sales, management, advertising and other related areas, and may be appropriate for those intending to open private practices in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, etc. Students selecting this option should contact an advisor in the department of chemistry and biochemistry as early as possible.

This program requires:

Course Title Hours
CHEM 211
CHEM 212
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry II
CHEM 523Analytical Chemistry4
CHEM 514Inorganic Chemistry3-4
or CHEM 524 Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis
CHEM 531
CHEM 532
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry II
Select one of the following:3-6
Principles of Biochemistry
Biochemistry I
and Biochemistry II
MATH 144Business Calculus3-5
or MATH 242 Calculus I
ACCT 210
ACCT 220
Financial Accounting
and Managerial Accounting
ECON 201
ECON 202
Principles of Macroeconomics
and Principles of Microeconomics
BLAW 431Legal Environment of Business 13
FIN 340Financial Management - Fundamental Valuation Analysis 13
MGMT 360Principles of Management 13
MKT 300Marketing 13
MKT 405Consumer Behavior 13
MKT 608Selling and Sales Force Management 13
Total Credit Hours63-69