Marketing (MKT)

Courses numbered 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate. (Individual courses may be limited to undergraduate students only.); 800 to 999 = graduate.

MKT 601.  International Marketing   3 credit hours

Cross-listed as IB 601. Problems and procedures of marketing in foreign countries. Includes the effects of foreign cultures and marketing systems on the design of marketing programs. Course includes diversity content. Prerequisites: MKT 300 with a minimum grade of C+ (2.300) or better, and MKT 405.

MKT 607.  Promotion Management   3 credit hours

An analysis of all issues involved with the promotion of an organization and its products or services. Students develop coordinated marketing strategies in the areas of advertising, personal sales, public relations and special promotional activities such as direct marketing, interactive media and sales promotions. Prerequisites: MKT 300 with a minimum grade of C+ (2.300), MKT 405.

MKT 608.  Selling and Sales Force Management   3 credit hours

Cross-listed as ENTR 608. An analysis of current behavioral concepts of personal selling and the problems and policies involved in managing a sales force. Prerequisites: MKT 300 with a grade of C+ (2.300) or better, MKT 405.

MKT 609.  Marketing Programs   3 credit hours

Studies all the aspects of the marketing mix that are integrated to make an effective and coordinated marketing program. Prerequisites: MKT 300 with a grade of C+ (2.300) or better, 6 additional hours of marketing, junior standing, advanced standing.

MKT 690.  Seminar in Selected Topics   1-5 credit hours

Repeatable with instructor's consent. Prerequisites: junior standing, advanced standing.

MKT 706.  Seminar in New Product and Technology Development   3 credit hours

Cross-listed as ENTR 706. Provides a form to the function of idea commercialization. Examines the product development practices of successful, innovative companies and focuses on how customer needs can be translated into product concept testing, product launch strategies, postlaunch product evaluation, and managing innovative teams. Students apply learning through developing and testing a product idea that solves a customer problem.

MKT 750.  Workshop in Marketing   1-4 credit hours

Prerequisite: junior standing.

MKT 801.  Marketing Management   3 credit hours

Develops an understanding of the difference between a sales/marketing department and a marketing orientation. Emphasizes the integral role of a marketing orientation throughout the modern organization. Prerequisite: MBA 801.

MKT 803.  Marketing Analysis   3 credit hours

An application of the scientific method to the design and implementation of research procedures that support the need for management decision making, planning and strategy development in the marketplace. Prerequisite: MBA 801 or equivalent.

MKT 807.  Services and Nonprofit Marketing   3 credit hours

Examines the characteristics of commercial and nonprofit services that pose unique marketing challenges for these types of organizations. Prerequisite: MKT 800 or equivalent.

MKT 890.  Seminar in Special Topics   1-3 credit hours

Repeatable with instructor's consent.

MKT 891.  Directed Studies   1-5 credit hours

Prerequisite: departmental consent.