Certificate in Interdisciplinary STEM Education

The interdisciplinary STEM education graduate certificate is designed for STEM professionals, educators and graduate students interested in designing and/or teaching an interdisciplinary STEM curriculum. Students in the program build interdisciplinary academic skills in context with an emphasis on real-world problem solving, critical thinking and career readiness. The curriculum is developed in a way that facilitates key features of effective interdisciplinary STEM curriculum preparation, induction and implementation including models and characteristics critical to quality curricula.

Program Requirements

Background Check

Upon admission and prior to their first semester, all applicants admitted to this program must clear a criminal background check. There are two reasons for this requirement. First, it is part of the university’s due diligence before placing students in field settings. Second, the check may alert applicants or students to issues that may subsequently affect their ability to work in their chosen field. In instances when a person’s criminal history raises reasonable concerns that should be cleared to engage in the field experiences and/or subsequently obtain licensure/endorsement, WSU may take a range of actions, including rescission of admission or dismissal from the program, depending on the nature of the concern.

For information regarding this requirement, visit Advanced Programs1.


The 12-credit-hour certificate includes 6 credit hours of STEM courses that may be chosen for an individualized pathway. In addition to these requirements, students must meet the Graduate School’s requirements in order to earn this certificate.

Course Title Hours
CI 764Interdisciplinary STEM Education: Entry Course3
Select STEM courses for an individualized pathway6
CI 867Interdisciplinary STEM Education: Exit Course3
Total Credit Hours12

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