Minor in Women's, Ethnicity and Intersectional Studies

Program Requirements

A minor in women's, ethnicity and intersectional studies consists of at least 15 credit hours with the following requirements:

Course Title Hours
Introduction or Foundation Course
Choose one of the following courses3
Introduction to Women's Studies
Introduction to Ethnic Studies
Diverse Women in Popular Culture
Women in Society: Social Issues
Dealing with Diversity
Introduction to Gender Studies
Women in Society: Cultural Images
Fundamentals of Cross-Cultural Communications
First-Year Seminar: Fundamentals of Diversity
Exploration Courses
Choose four of the following courses12
Men and Masculinities
Gender and Politics
Women's Personal Narrative
Philosophy of Feminism
Human Sexuality
Gender, Alcohol and Addictions
Gender and Digital Culture
Women in World Religions
Special Topics
Diversity, Human Rights and the Law
Black Women: Love, Lust & Loss
Sex, Lies and Media
Hip Hop and Feminism
Women and Animal Rights
Special Topics
Women and Social Action
Feminism and Girl Culture
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Studies
Women and Sports
Gender, Science and Technology
Women's Global Issues
Gender and Popular Music
Asian American Women and Men
Women and the Bible
Cooperative Education
Women and the Environment
Hollywood Melodrama: The Woman's Film
Women in Early America, 1600-1830
Issues and Perspectives on African Women and Globalism
Women in the Middle East
Sociology of Gender
The American Woman in History
Psychology of Women
Writing by Women
Women, Children and Poverty
Women in Other Cultures
Directed Readings
Contemporary Issues and Perspectives: LGBTQ
Asian Women in Modern History
Special Topics
Domestic Violence
Women and Aging
Dangerous Women in Film
Theories of Feminism
Gender, Race and the West/East Divide
Martin Luther King
Ethnic America, 1500-1924
The Black Family
The Native American
Ethnic America in the 20th Century
The Black Experience in America
Native American Tribal Systems
Special Topics
The African American Historical Experience
20th Century African American History
Racial Profiling
Immigrations Today
African American Male
Cooperative Education
Diversity and Aging
African-American Business History
Individual Projects: Ethnic Studies
Concepts of Cross-Cultural Communication
Special Populations in the Criminal Justice System
Multiculturalism in Criminal Justice
Women, Crime and Criminal Justice
African-American Literature
World Literature
Ethnic Entrepreneurship
Survey of American Indian History
An LGBTQ+ History of the United States
Total Credit Hours15

Courses not in this list may be used to fulfill the program requirements with approval from the program coordinator or department.