Minor in Computer Science

Program Requirements 

The minor provides a valuable addition to other majors and can help a student demonstrate ability in the computer science discipline. Students must complete the following computer science courses:

Course Title Hours
CS 211Introduction to Programming4
CS 311Object-Oriented Programming4
CS 400Data Structures4
Select one 400-level or higher CS elective of at least 3 credit hours3
Total Credit Hours15

Further requirements for the computer science minor:

  • CS 400 and the additional 400-level or higher CS course must be taken from the School of Computing at Wichita State University.
  • A minimum grade average of 2.000 is required on the aggregate of classes taken for this minor.
  • A minimum of a C- grade is required in each of the courses that are applied to this minor.
  • The total credit hours required for receiving the minor must be at least 15 (which may require additional CS classes if the programming classes are transferred in at lower credit hours than listed above). 
  • At least 3 credit hours of coursework must be completed beyond what was required for the student's major (i.e., at least one of the classes that applies to the minor must not be counted toward the student's major).