BS in Chemistry - Premedicine

Program Requirements

This program is designed for students intending to pursue postgraduate education in medicine, pharmacy, optometry, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or other health professions. Students who intend to pursue graduate studies in chemistry or biochemistry should consider the BS in chemistry degree program (either the chemistry or biochemistry option).

The following courses1 are required for the BS in chemistry — premedicine:

Course Title Hours
CHEM 211General Chemistry I5
CHEM 212General Chemistry II5
CHEM 523Analytical Chemistry4
CHEM 531Organic Chemistry I5
CHEM 532Organic Chemistry II5
CHEM 662Biochemistry I3
CHEM 663Biochemistry II3
CHEM 664Biochemistry Laboratory3
CHEM 690Independent Study and Research2
Select one of the following (CHEM 605 strongly recommended):3
Medicinal Chemistry
Clinical Pharmacology
Select one additional chemistry course numbered above 500 (except 700/701)3
Select a one-year sequence of physics courses, including lab, numbered above 20010
MATH 242Calculus I5
MATH 243Calculus II5
BIOL 210General Biology I4
BIOL 211General Biology II4
BIOL 419Genetics4
BIOL 223
Human Anatomy and Physiology
and Human Anatomy/Physio Lab
Select one of the following courses4-5
Introduction to Microbiology
General Microbiology
Molecular Cell Biology
HS 600Advanced Clinical Anatomy5
STAT 370Elementary Statistics3
PSY 111General Psychology3
Total Credit Hours93-94

Applied Learning

Students in the BS in chemistry — premedicine program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by completing at least one semester of undergraduate research, by enrollment in CHEM 690.