Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fees listed are subject to change by the Kansas Board of Regents. For complete list of course and services fees, see the comprehensive fee schedule1 .

Basic Fees

Basic fees for resident and nonresident students are listed here. For tuition and fees for Shocker City Partnership, Shocker Select, Midwest Student Exchange and Global Select, visit the tuition and fees webpage1.

Note: Tuition and fees are for the fall and spring semesters and the summer session. Tuition and fees for 2023-2024 had not been established at the time of publication, but an increase is anticipated. Published fees reflect the 2022-2023 rates.

  Resident Nonresident
Undergraduate Tuition $ 228.09 per credit hour $ 540.27 per credit hour
Graduate Tuition $ 307.98 per credit hour $ 756.38 per credit hour
Online Tuition2 $ 228.09 per credit hour $ 307.98 per credit hour
Campus Infrastructure & Support Fee — all students3 $ 20.00 per credit hour $ 20.00 per credit hour
Technology Fee — all students4 $ 1.00 per credit hour $ 1.00 per credit hour
Transportation Fee — all students5 $ 0.75 per credit hour $ 0.75 per credit hour
Student Activity Fee Fall/Spring Summer
9.00 or more credit hours
$ 682.91 $ 341.46
6.00 to and including 8.75 credit hours
$ 455.23 $ 227.61
up to and including 5.75 credit hours
$ 227.64 $ 113.82
7.00 or more credit hours
$ 682.91 $ 341.46
4.00 to and including 6.75 credit hours
$ 455.23 $ 227.61
up to and including 3.75 credit hours
$ 227.64 $ 113.82

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Online tuition rates only apply to students enrolled in fully-online programs. The tuition for online majors is set at the resident rate (undergraduate and graduate).


The Campus Infrastructure and Support Fee supports to help defray the cost of the Clinton Hall remodel, registration services, communications with students, student success services, funding for academic systems, and the OneStop service center which provides 24/7 support for students in the areas of admissions, financial aid, registration, advising and student accounts. All students have access to such services virtually or at the physical OneStop service center.


The Technology Fee is assessed to all students to help offset the cost of technology upgrades and replacement.


The Transportation Fee is assessed to all students to help offset the cost of the campus shuttle bus service.


Students enrolled in the online Dental Hygiene program (Majors H10B and H12F) will be exempt from the Student Support Services Fee.