BA in Physics

Course Title Hours
Select one of the following combinations:10
Combination A
General College Physics I
and General College Physics II
Combination B
Physics for Scientists I
and University Physics Lab I
Physics for Scientists II
and University Physics Lab II
PHYS 551Topics in Modern Physics3
PHYS 621Analytical Mechanics3
PHYS 631Electricity and Magnetism3
PHYS 641Thermophysics3
PHYS 651Quantum Mechanics I3
MATH 555Differential Equations I3
Select one of the following MATH courses3
Linear Algebra
Integration Techniques and Applications
Advanced Calculus I
Partial Differential Equations for Engineers
Select 5 credit hours in chemistry5
Select 2 additional credit hours from the following:2
Advanced Physics Laboratory
Electronics Laboratory
Computational Physics Laboratory
Select 6 credit hours of upper-division physics electives6
Total Credit Hours44