BA in Economics

The economics major in Fairmount College requires a minimum of 37 credit hours and a maximum of 39 credit hours in economics. MATH 144 or MATH 242 is required. Students who plan to major in economics should consult with the undergraduate advisor in the department of economics in the Barton School of Business. Enrollment in all upper-division economics classes requires junior standing and completion of all course prerequisites. Students in this major or minor must achieve a minimum 2.250 GPA. The following courses are required:

Course Title Hours
MATH 144Business Calculus3-5
or MATH 242 Calculus I
ECON 201Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 202Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 231Introductory Business Statistics3
Please select either the three BADM courses, or the PC course for 3 credit hours3
Business Software: Word
and Business Software: Excel
and Business Software: Access and PowerPoint
Introduction to Computers and Applications
ECON 232Statistical Software Applications for Business 11
ECON 301Intermediate Macroeconomics3
ECON 302Intermediate Microeconomics3
Select 15 credit hours in upper-division economics to be chosen in consultation with an undergraduate economics advisor; at least 9 credit hours in economics, with up to 6 credit hours outside the department, with advisor’s consent15
Total Credit Hours37-39

Note: ECON 201 and ECON 202 may be taken as part of Fairmount College general education requirements. ECON 400, ECON 401 and ECON 481 may not be used in the economics major.