Nondegree Program in Social Work

Nondegree Students

Persons who already possess a graduate degree, who do not want to seek an additional graduate degree at this time, or who wish to take graduate courses for professional advancement or personal satisfaction must apply for nondegree admission with the Wichita State University Graduate School. Students wishing to enroll in select graduate social work courses in a nondegree category may do so on a space available basis. Under such nondegree admission, students may take up to a maximum of 12 credit hours of MSW graduate credit in only the following specified foundation level courses including:

Course Title Hours
SCWK 710Micro Human Behavior and the Social Environment3
SCWK 712Macro Human Behavior and the Social Environment3
SCWK 717Policy I: Social Welfare and Analysis3
SCWK 751Fundamentals of Social Work Research3
700-level MSW graduate electives when offered
Total Credit Hours12

Students wishing to seek full admission to the MSW program must follow the normal admission procedures for both the Graduate School and the School of Social Work. Enrolling and successfully completing any or all of the above specified courses as a nondegree student does not automatically guarantee full admission to the MSW program.

A maximum of only 12 credit hours taken prior to acceptance and full admission to the MSW program may be applied toward the MSW degree. Only students fully admitted into the MSW program may enroll in practice and field practicum courses.