Bachelor of Arts in Music

Program Requirements

Students who wish to earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in music are required to complete courses in Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and in the College of Fine Arts as indicated in the music degree check sheets and to elect 50 music credit hours as specified in the following areas and course listings.

Candidates for the degree must also complete a minor in a discipline other than music, or proficiency in a foreign language at a level equivalent to 5 credit hours beyond the 112 course.

Course Title Hours
Group I: Applied Music
Applied Music 18
Group II: General Music
MUSC 127
MUSC 129
Theory I
and Aural Skills I
MUSC 128
MUSC 130
Theory II
and Aural Skills II
MUSC 227
MUSC 229
Theory III
and Aural Skills III
MUSC 228
MUSC 230
Theory IV
and Aural Skills IV
MUSC 523Form And Analysis2
Group III: History and Literature of Music
MUSC 113Music in Context3
MUSC 334History of Music I3
MUSC 335History of Music II3
Select one of the following3
3 credit hours of upper division in Music History or Literature
The Cultural Study of Music
Group IV: Ensembles
Ensembles 2, 37
Group V: Recital Attendance
MUSP 105Recital Attendance (four semesters)0
Group VI: Upper Division Music Electives
Select from the areas of music literature, music theory, applied music, conducting and ensembles5
Total Credit Hours50

Transfer students must enroll in two semesters of applied music at WSU.


See degree check sheets for specified ensembles.


Ensembles are counted by semester.

Note: All music majors must pass a piano proficiency examination.

Applied Learning

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in music program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by taking a minimum of eight semesters of lessons on an applied instrument, as well as seven semesters of ensembles.