IB - International Business

Courses numbered 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate. (Individual courses may be limited to undergraduate students only.) Courses numbered 800 to 999 = graduate.

IB 561.  International Economics and Business   (3).

Cross-listed as ECON 672. Surveys the economic foundations of international trade, finance and investment. Includes foreign exchange markets, regional integration, trade theories and instruments, U.S. trade policies and treaties, multinational companies, immigration, as well as differences in cultural, political and economic systems. Includes current events. Course includes diversity content. Prerequisites: ECON 201, 202, junior standing.

IB 600.  International Management   (3).

Overview of international business including strategy and organizational behavior. Equips students to manage effectively in an increasingly diverse global marketplace. Covers international strategy formulation, cross-border alliances, control and coordination systems in multinational organizations, social responsibility and ethics, culture and communication in global management, international negotiations, and management of global human resources. Course includes diversity content. Prerequisite: IB 333.

IB 601.  International Marketing   (3).

Cross-listed as MKT 601. Problems and procedures of marketing in foreign countries. Includes the effects of foreign cultures and marketing systems on the design of marketing programs. Course includes diversity content. Prerequisite: MKT 300 with a minimum grade of C+ (2.300), junior standing, advanced standing.

IB 602.  Legal Environment of International Business   (3).

Analysis of legal and regulatory issues affecting import-export transactions, licensing and technology transfer, and international sales of services. Prerequisite: IB 333, junior standing, advanced standing.

IB 625.  International Financial Management   (3).

Cross-listed as ECON 674 and FIN 625. Studies the international financial and monetary system, emphasizing currency markets. Also examines market instruments and techniques, including synthetic and derivative securities and their application to management of currency risk in international trade and finance. Prerequisites: FIN 340 with a grade of C+ (2.300) or better, junior standing.

IB 690.  Special Topics in International Business   (3).

Covers emerging topics within the field of international business. Prerequisites: completion of or concurrent enrollment in all required IB courses, junior standing, advanced standing.

IB 690L.  Study Abroad in France   (3).

This course establishes a foundation of international business fundamentals. We will discuss the steps, principles, and methods associated with international business.

IB 836.  International Business and Competitiveness   (3).

An introduction to international business administration with particular attention to the development of multinational business strategies in light of the diverse economic, political, social and cultural dimensions of the environments that exist in both developed and developing areas of the world.

IB 890.  Seminar in Special Topics   (1-3).

Repeatable for credit with departmental consent.

IB 891.  Directed Studies in IB   (1-6).

Prerequisite: departmental consent.

IB 892.  Internship in IB   (1-3).

Prerequisite: departmental consent.