Bachelor of Social Work


Requirements for program admission include a 2.000 overall GPA, completion of premajor and prerequisite courses, and satisfactory completion of a noncredit BSW Program/Practicum Orientation session. Students who receive a grade lower than C (2.000) in a required social work course must repeat that course and earn a C (2.000) or above. Provisional admissions may be granted before final grades are received, but enrollment in required upper-division social work courses is dependent upon meeting these admission standards.

Placement into practicum requires attendance at a noncredit BSW Program/Practicum Orientation session, submission of a practicum inventory form and resume by December 1 of the year prior to entering practicum. A practicum placement interview will need to be scheduled after the December 1 deadline.

Program Requirements

Social work majors must complete 45 credit hours of required social work courses. Students must be formally admitted to the major in order to take 400-level classes. BSW students are  are required to take two major course selections, one suggested in the fall semester of the junior year, and one in the spring semester of their senior year.

Required Courses (in their suggested semester):

Plan of Study Grid
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
SCWK 201 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare ( (or elective)) 3
 Credit Hours3
Fall Semester
SCWK 300 Policy I: Understanding Social Welfare Policy 3
SCWK Major Course A3
SCWK 351 Introduction to Social Work Research 3
SCWK 360 Person in Society: Micro 3
 Credit Hours12
Spring Semester
SCWK 302 Techniques and Skills in Generalistic Practice 4
SCWK 361 Person in Society: Macro 3
 Credit Hours7
Fall Semester
SCWK 401 General Practice With Groups 3
SCWK 402 Practicum I 4
SCWK 403 General Practice With Individuals 3
 Credit Hours10
Spring Semester
SCWK 400 Policy II: Connecting Policy & Practice 3
SCWK 404 Practicum II 4
SCWK Major Course B3
SCWK 470 Generalist Practice with Organizations and Communities 3
 Credit Hours13
 Total Credit Hours45
Major Courses
These courses meet the requirements for a major course selection
SCWK 304Social Diversity and Ethics3
SCWK 340Human Sexuality3
SCWK 385Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Studies3
SCWK 407Generalist Practice With Children and Families3
SCWK 541Women & Poverty3
SCWK 542International Social Work3
SCWK 571Contemporary Issues and Perspectives: LGBTQ3
SCWK 610GPolicy and Practice with Aging3
SCWK 611CDomestic Human Trafficking3
SCWK 572Social Work Practice with Families of Diverse Cultures3

Note: SCWK 201 is offered each semester. All other social work classes are offered only in the semester indicated on this guide.

Applied Learning

Students in the Bachelor of Social Work program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by completing a practicum experience in SCWK 402 and SCWK 404. These classes have an on-campus seminar that reflects on experiences in the 480 hours combined of required supervised placement in a social service agency in the Wichita Community, or student's own community if possible. Each student must meet with a field instructor at the agency for supervision and attend a university class with a field liaison that provides the reflective feedback for the educational tie to the Council of Social Work Education's — Education Policy and Accreditation Standards.