Registration, Withdrawal, Drops and Adds

The registrar establishes procedures for registration. Graduate students must enroll according to the procedures published online on the Office of the Registrar website1. Students register through web registration in the myWSU portal.

Prior to registering for classes, all students should contact their academic advisors to assure they are taking the appropriate classes. Early registration for one semester normally begins about midway through the preceding semester. Registration for a course or courses represents a financial commitment that the student is obligated to pay.

Graduate students with an active program, who are not academically dismissed, are eligible for online registration. Some academic restrictions have been built into the system. Some restrictions cannot be overridden including nondegree, Category B students enrolling in courses beyond the 799 level. Program specific restrictions may be considered for removal by contacting the appropriate program and requesting an electronic override.

Registration and classes begin and end at varying times so it is important to consult the semester calendar for details. For more information, check the Schedule of Courses website1.

Once a student has enrolled, classes may be changed online for a certain period of time that varies according to the start date and length of the course. After the online period has passed, students must process in-person drop and/or add forms with the appropriate approvals. Changes of sections also require such action. If these forms are not submitted, a grade of F could be recorded for failure to attend the class shown on the original enrollment records.

Late enrollments or adds normally will not be approved after the 20th class day. Drops of classes with a grade of W (withdrawal) are subject to a time limit established by the registrar.

Cutoff deadlines for dropping with a refund also vary according to the start date and length of the course.

Students who find it necessary to completely withdraw from the university must drop each class.


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 Withdrawal - Administrative

Administrative withdrawal from courses may be initiated by the dean’s office of the college or school in which a student is enrolled, the provost’s office, or other appropriate university offices when a student is unable to complete courses because of extenuating circumstances. A grade of W will be officially recorded on the student’s permanent record for a course or courses from which the student is administratively withdrawn.