WSUA - WSU General: Liberal Arts

Courses numbered 100 to 299 = lower-division; 300 to 499 = upper-division; 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate.

WSUA 101.  Introduction to the University - LAS   (3).

Designed especially for first-year students in their first semester at WSU, this course prepares students to succeed in college. Helps students form connections with each other, with faculty, with campus services and with the institution as a whole. It assists students in developing intellectually, emotionally and socially. It provides information and training about: college expectations, academic majors, careers and life planning; study skills and test taking, teaching and learning styles, respecting diversity of thought and culture, critical thinking, leadership, university policies and procedures, managing time and money, health and wellness, and the benefits of engagement in student organizations. Encourages and supports students as they adjust to college life and promotes reflective learning. In addition to other course projects, students create an individualized graduation plan through a collaborative process that involves academic advisers, the course instructor and peer mentors assigned to the course. Students who successfully complete this course have greater academic success and an improved rate of graduation compared to students who do not take this class.

WSUA 102A.  First-Year Seminar: Energy Science and The Environment   (3).

General education introductory course. Discusses the science of energy, its impact on the environment and long-term climate change on our planet. Studies some basic science using simple calculations that are no more difficult than balancing a checking account, but are simple ways to track energy usage, potential change in saving money and reducing the impact on the environment. Studies long-term change from across the ages on the environment, what results can be expected from using these past experiences to predict future outcomes in 10, 50 or 100 years. Critical questions such as whether energy usage can alter the course of humans' present impact on the environment, and that other options could be pursued to reduce past adverse impacts on the environment. Course includes diversity content.

WSUA 102B.  First-Year Seminar: Solving Global Problems   (3).

General education introductory course. Students investigate three problems of global concern involving security, the global economy, and the environment. Interactive activities in the course teach students to search for solutions to the problems and to consider how governments and other organizations form policies on these problems. Repeatable for credit.

WSUA 102C.  First-Year Seminar: Powerful Narratives: Storytelling and Social Justice in the Hispanic World   (3).

General education introductory course. Fictional texts can generate awareness and empathy about contemporary problems. Course analyzes oppressive situations portrayed in literature, media and the arts from Colonial times to present. Includes texts from at least 10 Hispanic countries to give the reader a variety of cultural information. Course includes diversity content.

WSUA 102D.  First-Year Seminar: Cross Cultural Communication   (3).

General education introductory course. Teaches students to appreciate the cultural diversity located on the Wichita State campus. Students meet people from other cultures to help the students understand the world perspective of those other cultures. In addition, students learn speaking and writing skills to improve their own communication with people from other cultures. Course includes diversity content.

WSUA 102E.  First-Year Seminar: World Cultures in Popular Media   (3).

General education introductory course. Examines ways in which various cultures are depicted in popular media and how stereotypical depictions may contrast with reality in areas such as East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. Course includes diversity content.