Certificate in Functional Aging

This certificate provides knowledge and training for those working in the field of aging. It will help them assist older adults to retain sufficient levels of functional ability and to understand the physiologic changes that occur with aging and how these changes impact the quality of life for older adults.


Students seeking a graduate certificate must be admitted to the Graduate School in a degree program or in nondegree, Category A status. All Graduate School policies relative to admissions apply. Students must maintain a grade point average of 3.000 or better.

Students must receive approval to enter this certificate program from their graduate advisor and the certificate in functional aging faculty committee. To initiate the application process, candidates must provide a completed application form and a one-page statement to the certificate in functional aging faculty committee explaining the student’s purpose and interest in obtaining the certificate in functional aging, as well as his or her career plans.

Program Requirements

The program consists of 12 credit hours of coursework selected from the following list. Students may not take more than 6 credit hours from a single department. In addition to these requirements, students must meet the Graduate School’s requirements in order to earn this certificate.

Course Title Hours
Select 12 credit hours from the following:12
Communication in Special Populations: Aging
Physical Dimensions of Aging
Applied Research
Perspectives on an Aging Society
Cognitive/Learning Foundations of Behavior
Seminar in Human Factors
Seminar in Perception
Total Credit Hours12