Audit Credit and Credit/No Credit Courses

Audit Credit

Students are permitted to attend credit courses on a noncredit basis, with appropriate approval, under an auditor classification. To be enrolled as auditors, students must enroll in the same manner and pay the same fees as for-credit courses at the university. Auditors may participate fully in the class and expect instructor evaluation of their work. Auditors are expected to attend class regularly. The audited course will appear on the transcript with the grade notation of Au. Courses taken on an audit basis may be repeated for credit and, if repeated, may be used to fulfill degree requirements if the repeated grade is acceptable. Use of the audit basis for a course must be declared at the time of enrollment by coming to the registrar's office to change the enrollment from credit to noncredit audit. Audited courses are not eligible for financial aid.

Credit/No Credit Courses

Courses numbered below 100 do not carry credit toward a Wichita State degree and are graded Credit/No Credit (Cr/NCr). All credit hours in such courses are excluded from credit toward graduation. Such courses are also excluded from the calculation of the grade point average.

In addition, certain credit courses are graded only Cr/NCr. Any department in the university may offer courses on a Cr/NCr basis. 

If students withdraw from a Cr/NCr course before the end of the 10th week of the semester (or the fifth week of the eight-week summer session), a grade of is recorded. If they withdraw from such a course after the 10th week of a semester (fifth week of the eight-week summer session), they receive a grade of NCr, subject to the right of petition to the university’s exceptions committee.

Cr/NCr may also be granted to a freshman for the first semester of work during the transition semester, as discussed in the Transition Semester policy.