MS in Aerospace Engineering

Courses of study leading to the MS degree are available with specialization in any of the following four fields:

  • Aerodynamics and fluid mechanics;
  • Structures and solid mechanics;
  • Flight dynamics and control; and
  • Multidisciplinary analysis and design.

Program Requirements

Students must complete the following requirements:

Course Title Hours
AE Core Options
Select one of the following groups of core classes based on student's chosen specialty 19
Aerodynamic and Fluid Mechanics
Intermediate Aerodynamics
Compressible Fluid Flow
Aerodynamics of Viscous Fluids
Structures and Solid Mechanics
Finite Element Analysis of Structures I
Theory of Elasticity
Vibration Analysis
Flight Dynamics and Controls
Modern Flight Control System Design I
Advanced Flight Dynamics I
Intermediate Dynamics
Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design (see advisor for details)
Select one graduate-level course in mathematics/statistics with the approval of the department3
Terminal Options
Select one of the following options18-21
Thesis Option
Select four other graduate-level classes with the approval of the advisor
Thesis (a minimum of 6 credit hours)
Directed Project Option
Select six other graduate-level courses with the approval of the advisor 3
MS Directed Project (minimum of 3 credit hours)
Coursework Option
Select seven other graduate-level courses with the approval of the advisor 3
Pass an exam covering the core courses in the area of specialty 2
Total Credit Hours30-33

Other graduate-level courses may be substituted for any of these nine courses that have been taken as a part of the undergraduate program.


The coursework option exam is offered three times a year. Contact the MS program coordinator to confirm scheduled dates and to register to take the exam (at least 30-days prior to scheduled exam date).


No more than 12 credit hours of coursework may be taken outside aerospace engineering.

See College of Engineering for requirement details.

Graduate Courses

All graduate courses must be approved in advance of enrollment by a student’s graduate advisor.

Applied Learning

Students in the MS in aerospace engineering program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from this program.

For students choosing the thesis option, the requirement can be met by completing AE 876.

For students choosing the directed project option, the requirement can be met by completing AE 878.

For students choosing the coursework option, students must also successfully complete an Applied Learning Activity (ALA) by enrolling in a 0-credit hour applied learning course with an AE professor.