Graduate Coordinators

The Graduate School works closely with individual program areas to ensure that program operations function in compliance with Graduate School policies and regulations. As part of this process, a graduate faculty member is recommended by his or her department chair to the graduate dean for appointment as the graduate coordinator, to serve as the program representative to the Graduate School in matters of graduate education.

Although the nature of graduate coordinator appointments and responsibilities varies, graduate coordinators are charged with the responsibility for overseeing the evaluation of applications for admission and the transmittal of departmental recommendations for admission, academic performance, degree completion and exceptions to graduate school regulations.

Graduate coordinators also have a primary role in coordinating information between their programs and the Graduate School office, working with their departmental chairs or other administrators in maintaining the quality and viability of their graduate programs, and serving as the local agent for the graduate faculty in their program areas.

Graduate coordinators may also serve on graduate committees in their programs or academic colleges.