Master Business Administration (MBA)

Courses numbered 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate. (Individual courses may be limited to undergraduate students only.); 800 to 999 = graduate.

MBA 781.  Cooperative Education   1 credit hour

Provides the graduate student with a field placement which integrates theory with a planned and supervised professional experience. Programs must be formulated in consultation with appropriate graduate faculty. May be repeated for credit up to 3 hours. May not be used to fulfill degree requirements. Graded Cr/NCr.

MBA 800.  Fundamentals of Finance and Financial Analysis   3 credit hours

Provides students whose undergraduate degrees were in disciplines other than business the background accounting and finance fundamentals required for the MBA program. Topics covered include the design and use of financial statements including the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows, analyzing companies using financial ratios, time value of money theory and calculations, investment decision rules, securities valuation, and fundamentals of capital budgeting. Prerequisites: graduate standing and permission of the MBA director.

MBA 801.  Management & Marketing   3 credit hours

Highlights foundation knowledge from the disciplines of management and marketing integrated with a strong component of communication skills. Primarily, provides students with a knowledge base in management and marketing from which to build in their MBA coursework. Secondarily, builds oral and written communication skills necessary for success in the MBA curriculum and beyond. Prerequisites: graduate standing and permission of the MBA director.