BA in Political Science

A major consists of:

POLS 121American Politics3
POLS 220Introduction to International Relations3
POLS 226Comparative Politics3
POLS 365Political Data Analysis3
POLS 600Senior Thesis3
Select 18 additional credit hours of study distributed in the following fashion:18
Electives in the major (18 credit hours):
Latin American Politics
The Presidency
The Congress
Urban Politics
Political Parties
State Government
Developing World
Introduction to Public Administration
Women In Political System
Post-Communist Europe
International Organizations
Conflict Analysis
Global Challenges
Classical Medieval Political Theory
Law and Political Power
Civil Liberties
American Political Thought
Human Rights
European Politics
Campaigns and Elections
Global Democracy
Special Topics in Political Science
U.S. Foreign Policy
Comparative Foreign Policy
Modern Political Theory
Politics of Modern China
International Political Economy
Administration and the Policy-Making Process
Total Credit Hours33

Applied Learning

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in political science program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by completing both POLS 365 and POLS 600.

Departmental Honors Track

The department offers the option for majors to graduate with honors in political science if they meet the following requirements:

  • obtain a 3.500 average or greater for the five core courses;
    POLS 121American Politics3
    POLS 220Introduction to International Relations3
    POLS 226Comparative Politics3
    POLS 232Political Theory & Philosophy3
    POLS 365Political Data Analysis3
  • take an additional course beyond the introductory one in each of the four sub-fields (American politics, international politics, comparative politics, political theory);
  • take an additional 6 credit hours of political science courses beyond the 33 hours required for a major;
  • maintain a 3.500 GPA for all political science courses; and
  • receive an A or A- for the Senior Seminar capstone course.

Students who would like to be admitted to the honors track should contact the department chair.