Tilford Diversity Studies Certificate

The Tilford Diversity Studies certificate is an 18-credit hour program designed for undergraduate students whose academic interests and/or career goals could benefit from a focused but interdisciplinary exploration of diversity-related issues. Students who complete the Tilford Diversity Studies certificate: acquire an appreciation for the world’s diversity and an understanding of the roots of privilege and oppression; learn to comprehend themselves and others beyond stereotypes; successfully interact with others in professional and personal settings; and be prepared to assume leadership roles in promoting diversity and inclusion. Students should complete one course (offered by any department) in each of the following three areas:

  • Race or ethnicity studies;
  • Gender or women’s studies; and
  • The study of socioeconomic class.

In addition, three electives will be required, and students may, if they wish, use those electives to study aging, ability, biodiversity or other diversity-related fields. Of the six courses taken for the certificate, one must have an international focus. The 18 credit hours of coursework counted toward the certificate should be distributed from among at least three different academic departments or programs. One foreign language course at the intermediate level or above can count for the certificate.

Applicable courses are offered by a variety of departments and often can be applied to the student’s general education requirements. Courses taken before enrollment in the program can count toward the certificate if they are determined by the Tilford Certificate coordinator to meet the learning objectives of the program. Students must receive a final grade of C or better to apply a course toward the certificate.

Students in the program design a plan of study with the Tilford Certificate coordinator, who is responsible for approving all courses students take for the certificate. During their final semester in the program, students submit a portfolio of work completed in certificate courses. The contents of the portfolio vary depending on the coursework taken toward the certificate and are determined by the student in consultation with the coordinator.

Students interested in pursuing the Tilford Diversity Studies certificate can get more information from the Tilford Diversity Studies Certificate webpage (http://wichita.edu/tilfordcertificate), or contact Dr. Jean Griffith, department of English, at 316-978-6276 or jean.griffith@wichita.edu.