FYLA - First-Year Seminar LAS

 Courses numbered 100 to 299 = lower-division; 300 to 499 = upper-division; 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate.

FYLA 102.  First-Year Seminar - LAS   (3).

The First-Year Seminar course is an introduction to the university as well as to general education at Wichita State University. Expect to explore a broad topic from a variety of different disciplinary perspectives as well as join a community of academic learners whose responsibility it is to ask questions, explore and exchange ideas, and become effective critical thinkers. Additionally, students have the opportunity to engage with fellow students and WSU faculty and staff by participating in activities aimed to further connect them to WSU. Students enroll in the lettered courses (e.g. 102A, 102B) with specific topics in the titles rather than in this root course.

FYLA 102AG.  First-Year Seminar: Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom: The Evolving Nature of Society and Tech   (3).

General education social and behavioral sciences course. Introduces students to how to find and interpret information. Students think about the role technology has played in how we produce, disseminate and consume information. The class also explores various political ideologies and how to approach information that is presented with a political bias. Explores how to listen, read and interpret information from various sources while maintaining a sense of self. First-Year Seminars do not meet a divisional requirement in the pre-Fall 2024 WSU General Education program, and can only be used in Bucket 7 for General Education starting Fall 2024.