Minor in Organizational Leadership and Learning

Program Requirements

The minor in organizational leadership and learning provides foundational knowledge for working with employees, colleagues and/or community members. It consists of 12 credit hours.

Course Title Hours
Required Course
LEAD 310Principles of Leadership3
Select 9 credit hours from the following9
Applied Studies Practicum
Partnership Building for Leaders
Organizational Design and Engagement I
Organizational Design and Engagement II
Interviewing Principles and Techniques
Organizational Studies and Leadership
Cultivating Culture and Inspiring Change in Organizations
Managerial Leadership
Leading for Creativity
Human-Centered Service and Design
Collaboration and Leadership
Education and Workplace Training
Talent Development and the Workplace
Organizational History and Leadership
Organizational Ethics and Decision-Making
Leading a Remote Workforce
Total Credit Hours12

At least 9 credit hours must be taken at WSU. A minimum GPA of 2.000 in the minor courses is required.