BA in Art - Art Emphasis

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in art degree with an art emphasis is designed for students who want to combine a broad training in art and design with additional areas of study. After completing the art foundation studies curriculum, each student gains experience in 2-D, 3-D and design areas, followed by focused work in a single area, or work in a variety of courses from multiple areas as per the student’s goals. The degree requires a minor in an area outside ADCI along with elective courses, selected with the assistance of an advisor, that can be from within ADCI or from other areas of the university.

Program Requirements

A minimum total of 120 hours is required for the BA in art — art emphasis and includes 54 credit hours of art and art history courses listed below. In addition to the university scholastic, residence and general education requirements, candidates for the degree must also complete a minor in a discipline other than art and design. The requirements for minors are set by each department. Hours completed for a minor cannot be used to satisfy requirements for two or more minors. Hours completed for the minor may include coursework that satisfies general education requirements.

General Education 1
Foundation Courses12
Fine Arts3
Social and Behavioral Sciences6
Natural Sciences and Mathematics6
Advanced Further Study and I&P9
Art Foundation Studies Curriculum
ARTF 102Introduction to Art and Design 23
ARTF 136Foundation 2-D Design 23
ARTF 145Foundation Drawing 23
ARTF 189Foundation 3-D Design 23
ARTF 202Mid-Program Review1
Art History
ARTH 125_ Intro to Visual & Material Culture (two different courses)6
ARTH 300-level, any combination of courses totaling 6 hours; not more than three credits of ARTH 390_ level 6
ARTH 500-level, 1 course 3
Art Distribution Requirements
Select one of the following 2-D courses:3
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Life Drawing
Introduction to Painting Media
Introduction to Printmaking
Select one of the following 3-D courses:3
Introduction to Ceramics
Introduction to Sculpture and Extended Media
Select one of the following digital-based courses3
Digital Studio
Digital 3-D Tools in Sculpture
Select one of the following design courses:3
Typography I
Introduction to Graphic Design
Graphic Design Concepts
Graphic Materials and Processes
Art Emphasis Requirements
Any ART/E/G/S 200+3
ARTH/S 390_ or ARTS 375_1
ARTH/S 390_ or ARTS 375_1
ART/E/G/S 300+ ( all 9 credit hours must be from either ARTG, ARTE or ARTS; ARTS 300+ courses must be from a single media area)9
Minor in a discipline other than art and design
Select a minor from an area outside ADCI, as determined by Undergraduate Catalog requirements 315
ADCI or University Electives
With an advisor, select any additional coursework in art or other discipline that complements the student’s plan of study; credits variable as necessary to fulfill degree requirements. 39
Total Credit Hours120

Note: 45+ upper-division hours are required for graduation. Model programs of study are available in the School of Art, Design and Creative Industries office and online.